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Contract: 0x2881a6bd504e323f70159d032f89374222e40d22

Community Coin

The community's hyperdeflationary currency

CMC rewards investors for holding tokens, while incorporating the buyback approach currently present in the stock market. CMC token holders benefit through static rewards and also through the automatic buyback process.

Contrato: 0x2881a6bd504e323f70159d032f89374222e40d22​

Welcome to Community Coin

We have the expertise and equipment to create our DeFi Swap.

Currently the exchanges have high commissions, when exchanging fiat-crypto, crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat currencies, we pay commissions that can be reduced and benefit the users. We are working to build an exchange with the lowest commissions in the market.


El 99% de las criptomonedas han hecho alguna transacción con la wallet owner hacia otras wallets ,ya sea para gastos de la moneda, para marketing, sueldos, o para hacer rugpulls, scams, estafas etc.. la wallet owner de CMC conserva los tokens originales de CMC desde el primer día.

LP Blocked

100% LP Permanently Locked.


Total supply 21,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 where 95% of tokens have been burned, our contract incorporates automatic token burning.

Verified contract


Automatic buyback

CMC collects a 2% repurchase tax on each transaction, which is stored within the contract. the contract. Whenever a sale occurs, a fraction of the repurchase amount is used to automatically buy tokens from the liquidity pool. automatically purchase tokens from the liquidity pool. These tokens are burned immediately after the purchase.

Advantages for Holders

Once investors see that the code works and that the contract automatically buys after each sale, they will feel more confident to invest and keep the contract. contract automatically buys after each sale, they will feel more confident about investing and holding.

Tax Fee

8.5% slippage split between marketing tax, rewards for holders and repurchase tax

Road Map

The best professionals work with us

Our Team

Roberto Troya.

Roberto Troya.

CEO & Cofunder

Raul M.

Raul M.


Oscar B.

Oscar B.

CCO & Cofounder

Paco A.

Paco A.

COO & Cofounder

Pedro B.

Pedro B.

COO & Cofounder


Contact us

Contact our team and we will answer your questions. soporte@communitycoin.finance


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